as eddard stark said “winter is coming”

2019 as the political year will also be coming soon.
I will prepare for tired of hearing hate-filled arguments
it seems that social media will be filled with any hate-speach and hoax

Many preacher appear with stories of imaginary paradises, then judge others.
as they exist to legalize the opinions of the politicians they support

Today i found a good comment on a post in the Jakarta Post.
Claims to know what will happen in the future, which even The Rasool refused to do. Appears to be making up rules and laws, and proclaiming judgement, which are all the prerogative of Allah. Logical skills are to say the least abysmal. But what is worse than his (the preacher) behaviour is that there appear to be hundreds of thousands of people who are even less gifted with knowledge who will listen to him and accept whatever he says without question.

Good Night.


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