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I found the same case as i read in the BuzFeed article by Gayatri Jayaraman.
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So many office workers survived everyday without breakfast or lunch.
They oftenly disappear at lunch time, and prefer to sleep on their desk.
They are hungry and maybe lazy at the same time.
But, they never missed the friday night to go to popular eating places.
Or travel to popular instragammable spot with new dress, never forget to upload their story every time and showcasing perfection.

I have no idea which one actually looks artificial, whether their daily life or their instagram life.
I just called it as ironic.

as the article said, ‘They aren’t “poor” at all, but they’re certainly hungry and broke a lot. We’d rather spend a lot to appear full than spend a little bit to buy food”

This is note to self. I have no deal with other people lifestyle. It just my problem with some artificial things. This just my anxiety with no reason to worry about.
Social media is a tool to get validation about something you wish to have in life but in reality you dont. But, it supposed to be not. Happiness is not out there, it’s in you.

#Note to Self
-The anxiety is over-


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