E-Module App

E-Modul is one of the Tanya Obat services designed specifically for pharmacists to take a certified class.
This class aims to sustainable learning for pharmacists. They also can get SKP (Satuan Kredit Partisipasi) from this activity which is very important for the pharmacist profession.

  • The idea of this service is to provide classes according to a few topic categories.
  • Users who can access this service are those whose account has a role as a pharmacist.
  • Some modules can be accessed for free and limited, and there are modules that can be accessed through subscriptions.

  • Each module consists of a few theory and test sessions. Before users start class they can see a list of theories
  • When the test is about to start, they will receive information about the duration of the test and the passing grade. Click Mulai button to start the test
  • After they finish taking the test, soon users will know if they passed the test or not. If users pass the test, they can download the certificate. If they haven’t reached the passing grade, they can restart the class

Note: this app will be released soon.

If you’re interested in reaching out to me. Please send me an Email.