Falling in Love with LANY

Falling in love with LANY
LANY source: readdork

If I have a chance to make a tattoo, will make a tattoo ‘الصيفى’ means ‘summer’ as like as Paul’s cause he’s hot like summer. Lol

I’ve been listening to ILYSB from LANY since it was famous. Just listening to that song, don’t know the band, don’t know about Paul, Jake, and Les. I enjoy listening to the stripped version. Then a couple of weeks ago I watched the video music of my fav singer Lauv, the song is “mean it”, a collaboration with LANY. I’m falling for the first time with visualizer and stripped version.

So that I came deeply into LANY music and found that they have amazing work. I start getting to discover their popular songs like Malibu Nights, Super Far, Thick and Thin, Hericane, and my favorite song was 13. I’m getting over-adore with this band, cause I watched every single interview of them on youtube. I was just smiling like crazy the whole video. Lol.

And my eyes can’t stop looking at Paul Klein performing on stage, the way he walks, the way he speaks, the way he answers the interview. OMG, I love him so much! I’m crying.

Last week was dedicated to LANY.

My fav song from LANY “13”
Current vibe over the past weeks


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