#FREEPALESTINE : NOBODY Deserve to Live in Fear

Image source : getty images

If you can sleep without fear of bombing in the middle of the night then you have a privilege
If you can speak with your dialect without having to whisper then you have a privilege
If you can walk the town without fear of soldiers who can shoot you any time they want, then you have a privilege.

Those privileges should have not been a privilege. They should be our standard of life. Living life without fear should be the life we all deserve. And yes, it means Palestine deserves freedom. They’ve been oppressed by Israel since 1948, too many people became a victim of this colonialism.

A week lately we’ve fed by the heartbreaking news of Palestine under attack. And as of today, there are almost 200 Palestinians killed, including children and women (read the full story here).

I remember the stage of JILF, 2019 ago. My friend and I went to the opening JILF which opened by keynote speaker, Adania Shibli a writer from Palestine. She talked about silence as a form of refuge cause it is so many risks to speak Arabic which their mother tongue. I’m Not to Speak my Language is the title of her speech, it was a touching story, and here her speech if you want to hear and/or read.

I’m always to stand with Palestine to get their freedom and peace. It’s not because of my religion (a lot of people are labeled as extremists by supporting Palestine – which is that’s not true), I speak over humanity cause NOBODY deserves to live in fear, especially the children. We have the right to live peacefully.


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