Influencer Marketing Website

My recent project was prepared for an agency that wants to make an Influencer Marketing Website. We still don’t have an official logo and name, we call Dummy for a while. Note: this website will be released soon.

This project is a platform for Indonesia influencer marketing to build a relationship with the brand. The brand will be easy to find a suitable influencer for their campaign. And, the influencer has a platform to get more impact for their worth.

A Highlight

There are 2 main features in this web:

  1. Find Influencer
    Brands can easily find their next influencers/content creators in two ways: create a public campaign and or directly invite influencers/content creators to join your campaign.
  2. Find Campaign
    Influencers have the same opportunity to be invited or join campaigns made by brands they interest in.

Note: will be updated once the project is released, soon.