It’s Always a Good Time

I have big respect and much appreciate whoever invented cookies for the first time in the world. You’ve made a masterpiece that people can create too. Served in every good times, makes everyone feel hygge. Can’t go wrong with cookies and hygge things.

Good Time Cookies

And also, dedicated this post to my fav cookies brand, Good Time. I’ve tried other cookies which are found in supermarkets. But, it’s always Good Time is perfect for serving. I love the texture and classic cookies smell of every flavor, then it brings me to imagine strolling a pastry shop in an exotic city, playing Frank Sinatra’s songs, wearing the best outfit like Emily Cooper in Paris. How romantic it is, lol.

Anyway, these are my favorite flavors which I recommend you to try:

  • The classic one
  • Pandan Coconut (I’ve just tried it a few days ago, and REALLY LOVE IT! this flavor influenced me to write this post btw)
  • Rainbow Cookies
  • Milky Vanilla

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