Meme Collection 2019

I’ve been collecting some funny memes on my phone. But sometimes, it getting hard to save it long last as like as Star Trek volume, because of memory limit. I have to delete it, but a few time later I found another new one then I save it. And so on…

Instead of being contemplated my rollercoaster life, I’d like to share my meme collection of the year. 😀

Johan Deckman, my fav artist nowadays
Johan Deckman Meme collection
A space for emotion
Everything about millennials inability
Meme collection
My personal problem
Meme collection
also, my personal problem
Bring me to JHS memories
I give up
Reminds me of “kresek dage
meme collection
The daily commuter can relate
Meme collection
so Trueeeee
Inspired me to make Wayne Enterprises Card 😀
I’d love to being ‘tetelan’ for the same reason
Under pressure
meme collection
Everyone who coding can relate
Meme collection
So Trueeee #part2

# meme collection

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