One-stop Pharmacy App

Tanya Obat is a one-stop pharmacy application that has some features :

  1. Online buy healthcare products
  2. Directly ask pharmacists, and
  3. Services for pharmacists to get SKP certificate. (this feature will be explained on another page)
  • Through this feature, users can search for health products by category or search field.
  • User will add the product and move to the checkout process.
  • This feature is an online chat service for users to ask pharmacists directly about medicine, how medicine work, medical tools, and others stuff.
  • things that cannot be discussed between user and pharmacist will be regulated in the terms and conditions
  • Users can choose a pharmacist who is online
  • See the details of each pharmacist, there is some information for users

This home page contains any services from the user’s view.

In addition to the two main services, Tanya Obat also facilitates users with news and article about medicine and health information

Note: this app will be released soon.

If you’re interested in reaching out to me. Please send me an Email or via Instagram DM