I was shocked!
A thread goes viral by someone on twitland, She talking about PJK is the one who emotionally manipulative manchild & has domestic abuse allegations based on his recent ex story. Seems it’s true, cause his few exes implicitly confirmed it.

Since I know how bad manipulative abusive relationship is. And, I’ll get triggering every time I heard about it. From now on, I unstan PJK. It’s very sad, cause I can’t imagine how could the sweetest person I saw on the screen being a mean person in real life.

But I learn from Marie Adler’s story (who was charged with a gross misdemeanor after police came to the conclusion that she had lied about being raped, -watch Unbelievable on Netflix-), I should believe in victims. Aside from support finding the truth, I’d rather support a potential victim than support a potential predator.

I don’t know, I was really disappointed. Relationship red flags are something matters to me. So, support and adore someone who has domestic abuse allegations is the wrong decision.

I realized modern people lately more actively concerning unhealthy relationships but that doesn’t mean that we’re meddling in other people’s business. I’m glad to know that we support each other, we care for the victims. And we aware to help others who need help.

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