UX Indo Website Redesign

Disclaimer: This is a type of self-study project,
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About Redesign

  1. Check the original web from UX Indo: https://uxindo.com/
  2. The new design I created uses multiple pages instead of a single page (their type of web right now) because it will more SEO friendly
  3. UX Indo website has a lot of content that looks pile up if it is displayed only on one page

UX Indo Website Redesign
Redesign page
UX Indo Website
Original page

Home Page

UX Indo Website Redesign
  1. I applied a simple Home page that only describes what services UX Indo offers.
  2. Some of the sections that were displayed on the previous home page have been eliminated, to look more summarized.
  3. ‘What people say’ section converted from slider to running element, to show more reviews directly.
  4. I added a button in the ‘Clients’ section to be directed to ‘About us’ section.

Training and Consulting Page

UX Indo Website Redesign
  1. The layout of these pages is made where each item/content has a tile look and a button/link leads users to the next step they want.
  2. If you click on the photo or title of each content you will be directed to the example of the detail page, if you click the orange button you will be directed to ask for further details of the training/consulting.

Event Page

UX Indo Website Redesign
  1. I merged two contents #TanyaUX and #UXMeetUp as one page, ‘Event’. It’s because both are the same form of an event held by UX Indo

Case Studies Page

UX Indo Website Redesign
  1. In this Case Studies page, I made it with a tile layout to make it easier for users to see the kind of case studies at UX Indo

About Us Page

  1. I merged two contents about us and contact us as one page. It’s because both are the same kind of information of corporate.
  2. Apart from the footer section, I have also added the address and contact information on this page. The reason is so that mobile users can see the information clearly (in mobile form, footer could be simplified).

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