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* I look myself after make up while partying and “how beautiful i am”
* I’m so grateful when people jealous of me because i eat anything and never gain a pound
* So happy to be able to help people when they need my material support


* I also found myself under stressfull when everyone sees my full acne face
* I don’t know, would i still gratefull if one day after i give birth and my body shape changed?
* Sometimes, i blame myself for helping another person when they did bad thing to me.

I thought for a moment,
what actually i feel about myself ?
have i loved myself?
then why i hate myself when the opposite (of the pride i have) happens?

I used to think that i love myself, but what i feel is rather the liking of self.
Untill, i finally realized it, i was far from truly loving myself.

So what is true self-love?
i keep finding how to get that point.
starting from self-acceptance
as like Jess Glynne said “don’t be so hard on yourself”

“True love is an unconditional feeling of love, appreciation and acceptance for yourself. What does unconditional mean? That no matter what you do, you always love yourself with the same strength.”-Magda Kay-

I don’t have any tips for you,
If you read this, i want you too, to truly love yourself,
let us “keep finding”.

-26 November 2017-

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