Short Story #1

I’m a fan of the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy, and also the character of Marty McFly. But poor me, thought all this time that Marty McFly was the same person who played detective Nick Curran in the ‘Basic Instinct’, cause they look similar.

And as of today, I just realized that was not true. It is Michael J Fox who played Marty McFly. I saw him in the interview with Jimmy Fallon which was airing 5 days ago.

The fact that he’s 59 right now with Parkinson’s disease makes me feel sad that it happened to him. Marty McFly (or young Michael J Fox) is the person I would have crushed on if I lived in the 80s. I’m sure I’ll put his poster on the wall instead of Shahrukh khan’s photos.

But, I’m happy to see him on screen, he still looks great. Everyone still has a crush on him so hard.
Hope we find a cure for Parkinson.

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