Short Story #2

First of all, I wanna thank you to google team who make feature ‘schedule sent’, so I can wake up tomorrow by 10 AM, and my email will be sent automatically then. This week was tired week enough cause I did 2 project which make me awake almost every night.

I miss my bedroom and Jesse Pinkman (I just reached season 3 of Breaking Bad on Netflix), so I have plan to do only netflix and chill tomorrow or maybe cook something.

But let me write affirmation before bed, today I learned about sweet things that we can give for each other. Support, nice words, compliment, gratitude are the little things we can do for changing the world full of sadness.

And today I dedicated my heart which full of gratitude to my dearest friends who help preview my project and remind me to not forget to sleep. You guys are place I enjoy share anything about. You know who you are in my heart.

Good night and Merry xmas,

have a good sleep everyone :))

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