Social Media Detox

A few days ago, I decided to take a break from social media and more specifically, from instagram.That’s not to say that I haven’t loved be a social person or hating that platform.Scrolling timeline just oftenly wasting my time. I suddenly realize that a lot can be done instead of scrolling up and down on social media. And the important thing about social media detox is we compare less our life with other’s showcasing perfection post.

I sometimes getting jealous of people I know having a perfect family, life and good relationship with their parents as well, It just hurts so much knowing that I didn’t.

But i know that was a very big mistake
the more I overthinking the more I become ungratefull of my life
there is a quote in the book of Journal of Gratitude by Sarah Amijo it says “if we take a moment to pause and start observing our surroundings, starting from the little things that we might often take for granted, we should begin noticing that there are so many blessings floating freely around our daily lives”.

So i hope social media detox simply help me to live real life and be more counting or reflecting my blessings.

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