Tidak banyak aktifitas yang bisa dilakukan selama 15 jam perjalanan dengan Kereta Api. Tidur, bolak-balik toilet, membaca buku saku berjudul 24/365 NARA dan sesekali mengobrol dengan teman sebangku. Beruntungnya saya punya teman ngobrol seorang mahasiswi jurusan psikologi semester 5. Jadilah seru karena topik kita tentang manusia dan segala pemikirannya sebagai objek. Continue reading

Left Behind

left behind is not that easy
it’s never easy
is never be a good choice ..

This world is the real hunger game.
We’re waiting to be played
We’re being prepared for this
But, when the time comes, we’re still afraid
Everyone will be afraid of losing people that they love, they need

-Jakarta, January 20th 2018-


photo by Markus Spiske, source :

I found the same case as i read in the BuzFeed article by Gayatri Jayaraman.
(read the article)

So many office workers survived everyday without breakfast or lunch.
They oftenly disappear at lunch time, and prefer to sleep on their desk.
They are hungry and maybe lazy at the same time.
But, they never missed the friday night to go to popular eating places.
Or travel to popular instragammable spot with new dress, never forget to upload their story every time and showcasing perfection.

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